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We install, repair, regas all makes and models of car, trucks and refrigerated vans and buses.

Car Air Conditioning….Why You Need It!about_car_airconditioning_nunawading_auto-airconditioning-melbourne

At Mideast car air conditioning Melbourne we provide a host of vehicle servicing and repairs, from car air conditioning servicing and repairs through to mechanical repairs, spare part sales as well as detailed inspections to ensure you vehicle is fit for the road but most importantly safe for your family.

We are currently offering our $165 car air conditioning regassing deal for a limited time to drivers of all car and trucks any make or model.

With a total car regassing service, you and your passengers enjoy a pleasant and cool ride in the most sweltering months without feeling the slightest discomfort.

At Mideast’s car air conditioning Melbourne we can provide your vehicle with regular checks, diagnosis and resolution of all minor or major problems that arise in the air conditioning system of your vehicle, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable drive every time you are behind the wheel.

Imagine going out for a long drive and your car’s air conditioning system ditching you mid way…..
That would be quite frustrating, right?

Plus, where would you locate a provider or air conditioning repair centre in the middle of nowhere? In such an unfortunate scenario the journey ahead is sure to become an uncomfortable nightmare!
But have you wondered, the entire situation could have been avoided if you availed time to book your vehicle for an air conditioning checkup prior to going on that long trip?

The way a car’s engine works is largely dependent on the car’s cooling system. High temperature can wreck the car’s engine in the absence of an effective and efficient car cooling or car air conditioning system.

Sometimes, a problem caused in the car’s engine can result in grave accidents too, which may be fatal for both the driver as well as the passengers. Therefore, ensuring your car airconditiong cooling system is up to scratch is ever so important and possibly life saving.

Besides the obvious reasons of safety there are several other practical reasons why you need efficient car air conditioning services.

For example, a car’s air conditioning system helps the vehicle’s driver control the temperature and humidity inside, thus resulting in maintaining a comfortable and pleasant temperature level inside the car.

Mideast’s Car air conditioning services Melbourne also take care of small aspects such as clearing the windscreen of the mist, providing increased visibility to the car’s driver and making sure that the vehicle is safely driven on the road.

As compared to screen heaters, Mideast’s car air conditioning services yield faster and more efficient results.

There are several things that might go wrong in a vehicle’s car air conditioning system. From a noisy compressor to cutting out of the cool air flow and from a leaking hose to the absence of a sufficient amount of refrigerant in the cooling system, there indeed are several intricate problems that you car air conditioner might face and hamper your drive, both in terms of safety and comfort.

This is another reason why periodic car air conditioner service and checkup or repair are necessary to get all such technical problems diagnosed by certified technicians ad fixed at the earliest, so that you can enjoy a safe and super cool drive!

Book Your Car or Truck for an Air Conditioning Regas at the crazy price of $165!!! (You Come to Us)

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Enjoy your time while you wait for your car to be regassed by our car air conditioning specialists.

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*$165 Price is when you come to our workshop.